Research by Michael Klos

Regulating ‘the internet’?

Michael Klos is affiliated with the Department of Jurisprudence (Leiden University) where he researches freedom of expression on the internet. The central question in his research is how the regulation of (among other things) 'social media companies' (so-called Internet intermediaries) relates to core concepts such as sovereignty, the rule of law and democracy.  

Hate speech, disinformation and terrorism propaganda

In his research, Klos focuses on phenomena such as hate speech, online terrorism propaganda, fake news and disinformation. Klos focuses on (very) large online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Academic profile pages

More information about Michael Klos his research and publications can be found on his profile on the Leiden University website, via ORCID and Google Scholar.


12 January 2021: ‘Trump, de Digital Services Act en het verwijderen van accounts’, Forum (NederlandRechtsstaat) (in Dutch)

30 October 2020: ‘Mag desinformatie verwijderd worden door internetplatforms?’, Forum (NederlandRechtsstaat) (in Dutch)

7 July 2020: ‘Deshelving hateful, misleading, and other harmful books: Bol(d) transparency?’, Leiden Law Blog (Leiden University) 


M. Klos, ‘De Digital Services Act: Implicaties voor het recht op vrijheid van meningsuiting van gebruikers van onlineplatforms’, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten: NJCM-Bulletin 2021/13 (Kluwer Navigator) (in Dutch)

M. Klos, ‘Wrongful moderation: Aansprakelijkheid van internetplatforms voor het beperken van de vrijheid van meningsuiting van gebruikers’, NJB 2020/2976 (Kluwer Navigator) (in Dutch)

R. Blommestijn & M. Klos, ‘Een giftige paddenstoel voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting’, NJB 2020/1209 (Kluwer Navigator) over het weren van boeken door (in Dutch)

Book chapters

M. Klos, ‘Westphalian Sovereignty and the 4th Industrial Revolution: In Search of Legitimate Governmental Control Over Online Content’, in C. Sieber-Gasser, A. Ghibellini (Eds.) Democracy and Globalization, Cham, Springer, 2021, pp. 81-121.

M. Klos, ‘Tackling Online Freedom of Expression: the European Approach’, in A. Ellian & R. Blommestijn (Eds.), Reflections on democracy in the European Union, The Hague, Eleven International Publishing, 2020, pp. 27-56.

World Forum for Democracy

Michael Klos was invited speaker at World Forum for Democracy 2019 from 6-8 November 2019 in Strasbourg. As a discussant for 'LAB 8 - Social media freedom and accountability', Klos commented on three initiatives aimed at increasing the transparency and accountability of social media companies.



Ellian A., Cliteur P.B., Molier G. & Klos M. (2018), De open samenleving en haar gesloten gemeenschappen. Leiden/Den Haag: Universiteit Leiden. (Handle) (in Dutch)



Rb. Amsterdam 13-10-2020, ECLI:NL:RBAMS:2020:4966, Computerrecht 2021/66, m.nt. M. Klos. (Kluwer Navigator) (in Dutch)

Conference presentations

11 July 2019: ‘Westphalian sovereignty after the fourth industrial revolution: In search of legitimate governmental control over the internet’ (IVR 2019, special workshop 11 on Democracy and Globalization)

5 October 2018: ‘Responsibility to publish: balancing privacy and freedom of expression’ (Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2018) (Handle)



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