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Michael Klos (1991) has been working in different roles (currently as Researcher) at the Department of Jurisprudence (Institute Metajuridica) at Leiden University since December 2017. He teaches in the bachelor of Law. Klos conducts research on freedom of expression on the internet and deals with themes such as hate speech, fake news, disinformation and the distribution of terrorist content online. Klos pays special attention to new laws and regulations such as the Digital Services Act and the EU-wide Code of Practice on Disinformation.

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Public administration, law, and IT

Michael Klos studied Public Administration (BSc) and Law (LLB) at Leiden University. Klos completed his Master's degree in Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law (LLM) in September 2017.  Klos worked as a paralegal at MedLawconsult, junior project leader at Open State Foundation and as project member on ICT-innovation at the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Last publication in English

In April 2021, a book contribution by Michael Klos entitled: 'Westphalian Sovereignty and the 4th Industrial Revolution: In Search of Legitimate Governmental Control Over Online Content' appeared in the volume Democracy and Globalization edited by Charlotte Sieber-Gasser and Alberto Ghibellini at Springer.

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Contact with Michael Klos

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Talks and webinars

27 November 2020: 'COVID-19 disinformation and the Dutch judiciary' (Open Minded 2020-2021 #2, eLaw, Leiden University)

26 February 2020: 'A philosophical discussion of Black Mirror' (Leiden Honours Community, Leiden University)

9 December 2019: 'Mill and Sunstein: maipulation and democracy' (Study Association DIQIT, Leiden University)

27 November 2019: 'ELSA Day: Freedom of Expression Online' (Study Association ELSA, Leiden University)

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Lecture Series Human Rights

Orientation course Foundations of Law

Legal methodology

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In the (Dutch) media

30 June 2021: Shownieuws (SBS6) on freedom of expression on the internet

27 March 2021:  Gecensureerde beelden uit Wahib-livestream ook schadelijk: 'Verspreid ze niet' (Nu.nl)

10 January 2021: Over Parler, Amazon, Apple en Google (NOS Radio 1 Journaal)

9 January 2021: ‘Twitter had Trump al veel eerder kunnen verbannen’ (Volkskrant)

23 August 2020: ‘Wanneer is iets censuur’ (Wat het daglicht niet verdragen kan, NPO Radio 1)

12 August 2020: ‘Facebook boycot Zwarte Piet: moet commercie scheidsrechter spelen?’ (De Telegraaf)

8 May 2020: ‘Facebook en Twitter bestrijden nepnieuws over corona: wanneer is dit censuur?’ (FunX.nl)

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